Friday, November 2, 2012

Grandkids and Great Grands all Decked Out

We just can't resist letting you see how cute all of the little ones looked on Halloween.  They love the dressing up and creating of cute costumes.  We won't deny that they also enjoy the candy.


Hannah and Hailey with neighbor Kate (on far left)
Hailey is a Peacock and Hannah and Kate are Diva Policewomen
Children of Jason and Kimmie

Jaxon and Isabel with friend Madison (in middle)
Jaxon is a Werewolf and Isabel is an Indian Maiden
Children of Adrian and Lara

Jaxon hiding behind the trailer to scare trick or treaters...with complete costume on

Audrey and Emma
Outfitted as a Princess and a Go-Go Girl
 Children of Jeremy and Dana

Kate and Abigail
Lovely Witch and Pirate
Children of Danny and Jessica

Malosi as the West Texas Rain Fairy
Parents are Kelly and Matt
Rance at one week in a Boo suit
Parents are Matt and Kelly
Ryder Russell as his favorite cowboy, Woody
Son of Shanea' Russell

Jacob and Jacy
Dressed as a football player and his supportive sister
Children of Kevin and Kim

 We are getting ready for the start of hunting season, starting with the Hunter Appreciation Lunch this Saturday.  It is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and will be held in front of the Hotel Matador.  If you hunt in Motley County, we will see you there.


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