Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Non-paying guest

We had an interesting guest on Saturday night.  I was checking in a late arrival and then heading back to the kitchen when I heard a scratching on some posterboards in the hallway.  My immediate reaction was, "Oh no, we have a mouse!" So I tapped on the boards with my foot and out hopped a frog.  You wouldn't think that a dribble of rain would bring out the amphibians, but evidently it did.  Anyway, he disappeared into the dining room, and I went to bed.  Grandkids had been here for several day,s and I was sure he had found an open door and an opportunity for a cool nap.

Next morning, Bill and Jo Mabe from San Angelo were having breakfast and out hopped Mr. Frog.  He escaped our mutual efforts at capture one more time.  However, due to the vigilance of Bill, when he poked his head out from behind the china cabinet, he was at last captured and set free in the courtyard.

We have often been amazed at the home towns and countries of our guests, but this one was truly unique.  The song to go with this story is "Froggy Went A' Courtin'".  There is a song for nearly every occasion it seems.  m

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Anonymous said...

You really can't blame Mr.Frog for knowing a good B&B when he sees it; however, his freeloading ways do need to change. It's good that you let him go onto the courtyard without a stern talking to, as I'm sure his embarrasment of being caught was punishment enough.